With the rise of cryptocurrency trading in the market, many crypto exchange platforms have emerged. But, very few of them were able to set some benchmarks as the major players in the market. Bitstamp also emerged one of those few players which created a very big name in the crypto trading world as the first and foremost choice of the traders.

Bitstamp was created by NejcKodric and DamijanMerlak in 2011 at their homeland Slovenia. The company with its appearance becomes the first innovative platform to complete with the biggest exchange and trading platform Mt. Gox. This Mt. Gox competitor is well known for its safety and reliability due to which it is considered the easiest medium of doing transaction and exchange

The company popularly came into existence as an alternative for European focused which accepts payment through varied modes like credit cards, fiat money, and more. Its’ complete functionalities are regulated with most of the valid regulations, as a result, most of the customer preferred this platform and allowed it to become the first nationality licensed crypto platform. This further extended with twenty-eight countries of European Union which act as the great success for this trading platform.

  • Bitstamp creates a strong bond with the customer because of its pioneering features
  • Global crypto exchange platform allows users worldwide to open an account with this platform.
  • Well designed platform to provide a user-friendly interface
  • Operates at lower fees as compared to the other platform
  • Highly secure platform regulated with lots of valid regulations across the world
  • Simple signup and login process
  • Services available across the world
  • Always available to access its users through Bitstamp customer support number
  • Provide access for the popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin
  • Enhanced security features with two-factor identification procedure
  • Easily accessible through the mobile application
  • Provide good selection via its charting tools
  • Hence, there are lots of features with it that cannot be expressed with this single page. Nonetheless, you can know more about its features through its Bitstamp support number. The number is going to help you in all the possible ways. Its’ not only going to answer all your queries but also going to resolve all the issues you will be finding with this exchange platform.

Customer Service for Bitstamp

With this innovative trading platform, the customer is always considered as the king. Hence, its’ customer service is always prepared to resolve all possible dilemmas with its users so that they can have relaxed and trouble-free access to all its services in a fruitful way. Its user can easily access their support via Bitstamp toll-free number, email, message, or chat. A user can approach its’ support team at any moment to get the fast and perfect support.

Besides these support modes, a user can also visit its FAQ pages to have the assured guidance for the queries or issues they are confronting with this trading platform. No matter, where you are staying, their online help services are always open to listen and resolve your problem.


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