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Why Do You Need Breadwallet Support Number +1 (844) 794-0999?

Even if you are new to cryptocurrency you must have heard of Bitcoin and that there are many crypto currency wallet in the market to keep these digital currencies. One such wallet is the Bread Wallet and like others in the market, this too has quite a few pros and cons. For the users facing problems while using the Bread wallet, there is Breadwallet support phone number.

While most of the digital currency wallet aim to provide the best user experience with features like multiuse competencies, better user interface and tighter security yet there are always issues that need to be resolved. For that purpose, there is Bread wallet phone number.

There was a time when hardware wallets were considered to be the best cryptocurrency wallets for its security features; however, in this day and age mobile wallet is the norm. One of the top most mobile wallets for the iOS is Bread. In 2017 it was renamed as Bread wallet. However, Bread is more than a digital currency wallet as it is a decentralized financial service company.

With the achievement of Bread wallet as a mobile app and Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency wallet intends to venture out into digital banking platform. Bread wallet believes this will give the users more flexibility in dealing with their crypto currency holdings. While certainly there will be some added advantages in Bread wallet’s new undertaking there will be some issues too. Already the users have often complained about several issues and to deal with that they have to contact the Breadwallet support number.

Before discussing the issues that the users of Breadwallet face here are some of the pros of the cryptocurrency wallet.

Bread wallet’s Positive Features:

Among quite a few benefits that users of Bread wallet enjoy here are some of them:

  • It is easy to use
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • It is free to use
  • Registration and signup is not compulsory to get started
  • The site immediately connects the user to the bitcoin network
  • Login option is available with Tough-ID
  • There is customer support section, which is built-in
  • Bread wallet does not collect any customer evidence
  • Via Bread app, a user can directly buy bitcoin
  • For every transaction, a new wallet address is given thereby improving safety and privacy.

Despite these features, there are often issues that bother and hinder the user working on Bread wallet.

Issues often reported about Bread wallet

While there are many issues that a user of Breadwallet often faces and to resolve that consumers can call Breadwallet support number. Here is a list of some frequently faced issues:

  • For both iOS and Android the app often freezes
  • Two-factor authentication is not supported hence raising the security concern for many users.
  • Users cannot engage in a multi-signature transaction
  • At the startup setup it is slow to sync to the bitcoin network
  • Third party services are at times used for buying bitcoin and other features
  • For potential forks in blockchain does not have replay defense
  • Altcoins are not supported

There have also been withdrawal issues with Breadwallet and to help the users navigate their way about it they are welcome to contact Breadwallet support phone number +1 (844) 794-0999.

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