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Hi, Brainly Users? We heard that some of you are already on your summer vacation while others will still have to power through their last few days of classes.

To all the graduating students and their parents, we salute you!

To everyone else, congratulations on making this school year fruitful and fun!

While summer vacations are the best time to relax, travel, and catch up on sleep, don’t forget to engage in enriching activities or to learn more about the world!

Let Maya Angelou serve as an inspiration to all. While performing as a dancer in a European tour, this did not stop her to learn new languages. Even at an old age, she maintained a library with an impressive collection of books.

Young Brainly user, do what you can to make a mark in this world. We believe in you!

Our Moderation Family

We’d like to thank everyone who took the qualifying exam to become a moderator. We’ve accepted 11 new moderators into our team. In total, Brainly Ph now has 113 moderators.

Every week, we send invites to users who have a good standing in Brainly. This means the user must have no warnings and no bans on their accounts. We encourage all Filipino users to take the qualifying exam so that we can accept them as moderators.

If you are interested, just click on the image. Don’t forget to read the directions carefully before you proceed with the exam.

The Brainliest Users

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Every week, we award users with the most number of correct answers with prepaid cellphone load. For two weeks straight, we have three users who are consistently winning!

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Trivia of the Week

From here on forward, we will be featuring a Philippine ethnic group. It’s about time that we learn more about our roots and the origins of our fellowmen.

This week, let’s take a look at the Bugkalot.

They were called Ilongot by other people, a name termed by a non-member of the tribe. Ilongot was a term that meant animist and head-hunters. If you think about it, it is almost derogatory. The members of the Bugkalot tribe prefer and would like us to call them by the name that they have given themselves and used since the beginning.

Their name is very fitting as they take weaving seriously. It can be seen in almost all aspects of their living. Their clothes are woven using different fibers and threads. Tribal costumes were woven with things found in nature such as feathers, fur, seeds, and shells. They interweave their houses and furniture with different materials to make it stronger and more attractive.

The Bugkalot originally did not have surnames. An individual is only known by his given name and the place he is from or the name of his father. For example, someone named Pedro who lives in Gumiad and is the son of Juan will be known as Si Pedro ng Gumiad, Pedro iGumiad, or Si Pedro na anak ni Juan. When other people came to live among them, they called the Bulagkot by a more traditional name. Si Pedro ng Gumiad is now known as Pedro Gumiad.

Anthropologists also used to call them by different names. Some individuals were called by the local name for an object. For example, italon meant rice field but it was used to call someone. If you meet a Bulagkot, ask him how he wishes to be called. Call him by his given name as it is only proper and respectful.

They live in Northern Luzon, in the regions of Aurora, Quirino, and Nueva Vizcaya. Some used to also be found in Carranglan, Nueva Ecija. In 2016, it was recorded that less than 15,000 people are left of the ethnical tribe. However, the Bugkalot Confederation which was established in 1976 by a tribe leader, currently lists 40,000 members. Although it is not stated if all these members are still alive.

Most Viewed Brainly Question

Our top question of the week is about a plot in the story of Ibong Adarna. Haring Salermo, who ruled the Kingdom of De Los Cristales, gave Don Juan eight challenges to finish. Many Brainly users viewed this question to find out the answer. Click on the image below to view it too.

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