Why Are My Answers or Posts Deleted?

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Find out why some submissions for answers and questions are deleted from the website.

Hi, Brainly users! The question above might be going through your head right now as you look back on a notification you may have received when you logged into your Brainly account. Before you get mad or disappointed, find out why some submissions are being deleted from Brainly.

We, at Brainly Philippines, want to improve everyone’s experience using the Philippines’ first and only homework helper website. Since the website uses crowdsourcing, this means every submitted question and answer is posted on Brainly in real-time.

We know that education is important and that your grades matter to you, your parents, and even your teachers. We don’t want you to get answers that are less than great. We also don’t want you to get any wrong information. And most of all, we do not want you to be discouraged by an unfriendly or untoward incident from any user from Brainly.

As long as the content is unhelpful, unclear, inappropriate, or is a blatant act of plagiarism, we delete it.

How Can I Make Sure My Questions Are Not Deleted?

If you have a question, think about the type of answer you would like to get. Some questions are very vague and you would not even know what the user is talking about.

Use English or Filipino in your post. Make sure to use the language that is most comfortable for you so that there can be little to no grammatical errors that can end up in misunderstanding.

Do not post questions that are missing important details. Sometimes, in a hurry to post the question, we forget that not everyone is studying the same lessons or have the same books at school. Make sure to be specific so that you can also get specific questions.

Questions that are too easy where the answers are very obvious tend to get deleted, too, to give visibility to more complex topics.

Do not forget to post the question in the correct subject! All too many times, we hear users complaining that their questions are being ignored. The most common reason is that the questions are posted in the wrong subject and in turn, it does not get any views. 

Do not post content that is not related to any lesson, homework, or school activity. This could get you a warning or ban from any of the administrators or moderators. Posting images, jokes, advertisements, links to social media accounts, or a love letter may seem funny but it does not help anyone at all. Please be mindful of others.

How can I make sure my answers are not deleted?

The simplest answer to this is to make sure that you provide all the answers asked for in the question.

However, there are also nuances to this. So what else do we need to make sure that our answers survive evaluation?

Sometimes, answers that are too short also get deleted. A safe way to ensure that your answer survives, provide at least a 50-word answer that provides essential information like descriptions, explanations, examples, or calculations.

Some users like to mindlessly post every minute without stopping to think if their answers are correct. Remember, the main objective in Brainly is to help one another, not to collect points in the shortest amount of time.

Before clicking on submit, check if your answer is correct and if you are sure. If not, please make a quick research to be sure. Make sure that all the details needed by the asker are there. Sometimes we submit answers that are unrelated or are missing the most important details.

Another problem that we often face from some Brainly users is that they copy answers from other websites, books, or even other users. This is a BIG NO! Copying other people’s work is cheating and it is what we call PLAGIARISM. Plagiarism is a serious offense in the academic world. Wouldn’t you feel disappointed if you find out that other people getting credit for the work that you did? Of course not!

Posting links to other websites is not allowed. We do not allow this because we want answers that come from you. Since you are a student, we are sure that you can explain concepts in words that your peers can understand. 

Also, links to social media accounts and multimedia content are strictly prohibited. We want everyone to respect the privacy of other people and to maintain respect among one another. Remember, the internet can only be a safe place for you if guard your privacy.

Curse words, jokes, bullying, and other inappropriate content will definitely be reported and deleted.
We hope this post helps.

Happy browsing and have a great time learning with Brainly, kids! Don’t forget to join the monthly contests to win cool prizes!