The Brainliest Challenge

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Find out what Brainly Philippines have in store for its Brainliest Team this month.

Hello, Brainliest User!

We are happy to announce a new contest launched especially for you!

These last few months we have given some users a special access. You may be one of these users who are wondering why you suddenly have two options for Feed.

Brainiest Users have the option to switch between Popular Feed and Personal Feed. The Popular Feed contains the most viewed questions while the Personal Feed contains the recently posted questions.

If you haven’t applied to become a Brainliest User, it means that we have handpicked you among the sea of smart Brainly kids to be part of the team! This means no application required!

If you want to know more about the duties and perks of a Brainliest User, just click on the button below.

And now, on to the details of the contest, we know you have been waiting for this!


The contest will run and include all answers to Popular Questions that are submitted from September 1 to October 31.

As always, we will require that these answers are:

  • Correct
  • Original (not copied)
  • Composed of at least 50 words

Grand Prize

The top Brainliest User with more than 1600 answers will receive a Bluetooth Thermal Portable Printer.

Consolation Prizes

Users with more than 1300 answers will receive a Parkland backpack.

Users with more than 1000 answers will receive a Brainly shirt, notebook, and 100-peso cellphone load.

The winners will be formally announced through a blog post and Brainly messaging a week after the contest period has ended.

We are more than hyped to give away these amazing prizes to the best of the best and we hope to see your names up there in the stars. So hurry and rack up all those points and take home the prizes that are calling out to your name.