The New Brainly App: Scan Your Homework to Get Help!

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Hey, there! Did you know that you can get answers or post questions with a few taps on your phone?

You can with the Brainly App! We even rolled out a nifty new feature to make things easier for you.

Click here to download the iOS app
Click here to download the Android app

If you already have the Brainly App on your phone, make sure to constantly check for updates to get the latest version.

What is this new feature about?

Brainly added a new feature to its app called the Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Check out this video made by GreatGatsby to find out more about the Brainly OCR feature.

Do you have a question that is too long or too complicated to type out using your phone? Don’t worry. Just open the Brainly App and go straight to the search bar and look for the camera icon.

Click on the camera icon to scan the question. (Tip: this is very handy for math problems)

Brainly automatically reads and converts the image into text format and suggests similar questions with answers that already exist. If none of these suggestions are what you are looking for, you can directly post your question right away!

How do I answer complicated math problems on Brainly?

If you want to help other Brainly users solve their math problems, providing calculations is the best way to go! This teaches other users how you are able to arrive at a solution.

Some users manually type out operational symbols manually but did you know that both the Brainly website and app provide a mathematical and symbol keypad?

The mathematical keypad on the app allows you to type out equations.
The keypad also allows you to add mathematical symbols.

This keypad provides you with all the operations and notations you need to make your answer clear. It will look just like how you see them on the books and on tests!

To create or insert your equation just click on the equation icon. Once the options appear, click on the one you need and replace or add the variables that you need to appear.

With this handy keypad, you can provide the best math solution to help other Brainly users. We bet you that you would get more Thank You’s with this tool!

Why don’t you try this smart keypad right now? You can start playing around with it to get familiar with typing out equations and solutions.

Here’s how to access the mathematical keypad on the Brainly website. At the bottom of the textbox, there are several icons you can click on. Hover your pointer over each one to find out each function.

As you can see below, the square root symbol icon is for Equation while the omega symbol is for Symbols. The other icons are for emboldening, italicization, underlining, adding headings and subheadings, bulleting and numbering, and adding attachments.

Don’t be confused when using the keypad. If you want to write an equation, just click on the format that you want to use.

Check out the example on the right. We want to express a square root problem. Click the format that corresponds to the expression you want to appear on the screen.

As you can see, you have the option to change the variables and add a constant.

Try these features now and meet a better Brainly experience and better answers! You can even win prizes this month by using any or both of these features.