Back-to-School with Brainly

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Hello, Brainly user! Welcome back, we hope you and your loved ones are safe.


We hope each and every one of you are doing well today. 

This is truly a different time, a new era that is unique to our generation and one that will go down in history books. This year has brought a series of events that none of us has ever expected to drastically change our lives, including the way we learn.

As students and minors, we could not charge out the streets and run to save everyone from COVID-19, perhaps our biggest contribution is to stay at home. By keeping ourselves safe at home, we are helping our medical workers from not taking away more of their important time and effort in helping patients who need the most care.

Some of you may have felt some anxiety and helplessness during the pandemic. Most were truly sad to have not experienced a normal graduation, some were pining for the physical closeness of friends and family, while others are worried for their future.

We, at Brainly, empathize with you. We know what you are going through and we feel the same.

This is why we encourage everyone to carry on learning. The absence of a physical classroom is not the end of learning. The inability to enrol this semester is not the end of learning. The personal difficulties that each of us face is not the end of learning.

Take this time to help one another, be considerate, and be rightfully informed about important social issues that can and will affect all of our futures. Take this time to engage in new or old hobbies at home. Develop your personal skills and maybe learn a new craft that can become a source of income.

Using this hashtag in your Brainly answers helps Filipino
medical workers in the fight against COVID-19

The country has lost many remarkable people. Please, we urge you, to continue with your studies even if times are uncertain. By the time the pandemic is over, we will once again need young people with the ability to serve.

With this, we encourage you to use the hashtag #CarryOnLearning in all of your answers on Brainly Philippines so that we can help our medical workers in the fight against COVID-19. Brainly pledges to donate 1-peso every time this hashtag is used. At the time this post is published, with your help, you have allowed Brainly to donate 12,151 pesos to help medical workers.

Coping with New Normal

Consider yourself lucky if you are among the 21.7 million learners who were able to enrol for the school year 2020-2021. Thank you for continuing with your studies. With that thought, this is the time to become more open to accepting and offering help.

We may not be able to hug, hold, and pat each other’s back
right now but you can extend a virtual helping hand!

Students who are not used to self-studying may find it hard to adjust. Form study groups or get a study buddy so that you can be accountable to one another. If you have classmates that are falling behind or are not able to join classes, why don’t you offer to take them in your study group. Sharing your notes, your insights, and even your own studying style is a step towards achieving success collectively. 

Do not forget to lend an ear and offer uplifting words to your classmates and friends. Some of us may be dealing with more stress than we are aware of. Do not engage in furious battle of words and name-calling on social media or any other platform no matter how tempting it seems.

For those who weren’t able to enroll, please do not lose hope as education is not a race. We do still hope to see you on Brainly. Use this free time wisely to learn something new. You may even want to consider joining the Brainly Trusted Helper community.

Teachers are adjusting to the new system, too!

Let’s not forget our educators, whether they are our teachers, tutors, university professor, student teachers or teaching assistants, and even practical skills instructors. They, too, are affected by the pandemic and are trying to adjust to a new style of teaching. Behind your online lessons and modules, they might be reaching out to their own children or relatives for help with technology. 

While preparing videos, presentations, and printed handouts, at the back of their minds, they do worry if everyone is able to learn and understand the lessons effectively. Do not hesitate to offer your teachers some help. Listen attentively during online classes and most of all, do not be afraid to ask questions when you are confused. Be respectful of the time and effort that goes into your lessons.

For more information on why some
questions, answers, comments, and accounts
are deleted from Brainly, click here.

If you are overwhelmed, know that many others are also feeling this way. Do not forget to take some time off for yourself to sit quietly, to meditate and focus on your breathing, to play with your pets, or to read a book. 

When you are feeling lost, reaching for a pen and paper to write down your thoughts, your goals for the day, and the immediate tasks you need to accomplish. Do not forget to write down at least five things that you are thankful for today. Slow down your breathing as you look at your surroundings. Take note of five things that you can see, four things that are at your reach, three things that you can hear, two things that you can smell, and define the emotion you felt after doing all these.

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Giveaway for Brainly Users

Correct and not copied answers
with this hashtag may win you prizes!

We have always opened the school year at Brainly with a giveaway. We love giving away prizes and gifts to Brainly users who put in the effort in helping other students learn more. This school year, we will not break tradition as we are bringing back another contest that will run from October 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020.

What do you need to know about this Brainly giveaway?

Our Back-to-School contest will require regular Brainly Users (Moderators and Brainliest Users are excluded) to submit correct answers that are not copied from the internet or anywhere else. Users need to attach the hashtag #BagongAralin to make sure their answers are included in the tally.

Here are the prizes that you may win:

Brainly swag for the Brainly student.

200 qualified answers: Brainly Bag or Brainly Tshirt 

250 qualified answers: Power Bank

300 qualified answers: Wireless speakers and Brainly keychain

350 qualified answers: Brainly lanyard, notepad and pens, earphones

By November, the winners will be contacted by a Brainly Administrator to inform them on how they may be able to claim their prizes. These prizes are free and we will not ask for any money from the winners.

Brainly and its Trusted Helpers

Brainly would not be complete without its community of select students and teachers who make sure that you are provided with the best content available. 

Brainly Philippines continues to grow every school year and it is still the leading online learning community in the country. Brainly provides a platform where students and teachers can come together to help one another by sharing their knowledge. It is a place to ask for homework help for free and to provide assistance and encouragement to students who need it.

In the Philippines, the Brainly Trusted Helper community is made up of the following.

Brainly Moderators

They are students just like you who volunteer their time to make sure that Brainly users are getting quality content. They delete content that is copied, unhelpful, and inappropriate. If you want to know more about Brainly Moderators, click here.

Brainliest Users

They are some of the brightest students who are on Brainly and very diligent in answering questions to the best of their abilities. They receive guidelines from Brainly so that their answers are written properly and are easy to understand. If you want to know more about Brainliest Users, click here.

Brainly Mentors

Mentors are either teachers or professional adults who spend time on Brainly to provide help and the best answers to students.

Brainly Administrators

Administrators are employees from Brainly who see the day-to-day functions and tasks behind-the-scenes. They reach out to users to update them on the latest on the local Brainly scene. They communicate with Moderators, Brainliest Users, and Brainly Mentors. They also send out Brainly gifts and prizes to deserving Brainly Users.

The Brainly users who volunteer for the Brainly Trusted Helper community have access to perks that are not available to regular Brainly Users. They have monthly contests where they win prizes such as school supplies, books, and exclusive Brainly merchandise. In the past, they have even won mobile gadgets and cellphone load.

If you are a student and are interested in becoming a part of this wonderful community, click on the links provided above to find out more and to send in your application.

Thank you and have an unforgettable school year ahead!