The Brainliest Team

The Brainliest Team is made up of the smartest kids on Brainly. They answer the most popular questions and optimize answers to make them better for every Brainly user. As a reward, they enjoy exclusive ranks and special Brainly goodies!

Do you follow certain users on Brainly because they give great answers and these answers have been marked as Expert Verified? They could be one of our Brainliest Users!

What happens at Brainly?

When students have questions and need help in their homework, they log on to Brainly and post their questions. Thousands and thousands of Filipino students do this every day. Most of the time, we get multiple posts of the same question. We try to eliminate the duplicate questions that get no attention or answers at all and shift our focus to the questions that do.

The most popular questions on Brainly sometimes get multiple answers. Sometimes they get incorrect or incomplete answers. Or sometimes they even get answers that are directly copied from other websites or published material, which is wrong and strictly not forbidden at Brainly!

Why did we create a team of Brainliest Users?

This is where we need the help of the smartest kids on Brainly. The Brainliest Users are a special team of students who get access to a feed of the most popular or most asked questions on Brainly.

The most popular questions are the ones that need the most attention and the best answer that anyone can give. With the help of each Brainliest User’s knowledge and knack for research, they will be able to provide answers that are reader-friendly, correct, comprehensive, and original.

Who are qualified to become a Brainliest User?

Do you possess these qualities?

  • Smart. We believe that every person is smart at one thing or another! If there is one subject you are good at, then you must be smart at it!
  • Curious. Someone with a thirst for knowledge will continue to dig for answers until they are satisfied.
  • Honest. We stand by the code that cheating and plagiarism are a BIG NO, especially at learning websites like Brainly.
  • Helpful. Sharing your knowledge and talent is one of the most valuable things you can do for others.
  • 10 competent original answers. Applicants will be reviewed and they must have at least 10 answers that sufficiently answered the question and was not copied from anywhere or anyone.

What do Brainliest Users do?

As mentioned, popular questions need to have the best answers because they are the most commonly searched and asked on Brainly. As a Brainliest User, you need to answer these questions.

Most of the time, popular questions already have answers. So what is there left for a Brainliest User to do?

The Brainliest User will have to replace wrong or mediocre answers and provide a better one in its place.

Most of the time, even correct answers fail to receive the approval of evaluators because they lack thought, originality, and relevant information. So how can a Brainliest User know what kind of answer to give?

What kind of answers do Brainliest Users give?

Let’s take a look at our Brainly checklist of what makes a great answer. We believe that anyone and everyone who follows this guide will do a great job in answering any question, whether it is at Brainly or at school! So when you think about it, Brainly is almost like a training ground for you to be good at answering homework, essays, and exams!


  • Is the answer correct in all parts?
  • Is the answer related to the topic?
  • Is there few to no grammar and punctuation errors?
  • Are the formulas, calculations, and solutions correct?


  • Is the question fully answered?
  • Does the answer show calculations?
  • Does the answer show the step-by-step process?
  • Is every step in the process explained?


  • Is the answer well-formatted?
  • Are the ideas and concept relayed or outlined in a logical manner?
  • Are important keywords in bold letters?
  • Did the answer make use of the special functions of the text box such as formulas, symbols, italicization, bolding, paragraphed, bulleting, etc?


  • Is the answer original and not copied from any other source?
  • Are definitions paraphrased properly to avoid plagiarism?


  • Is the answer polite and does not contain any rude comments?
  • Is the tone used positive and encourages readers to learn more about the topic?
  • Is the wording adjusted to the school level of the asker?
  • Does answer not contain or solicit personal information and payment that could lead to harassment or stalking?

Do you think there is something else we need to add to our list? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

Are you interested to join the team?

To date, we have 100 Brainliest Users in our team. These Brainliest Users have all volunteered their knowledge and skills to help you get the best answer possible!

If you want to become part of the team, all you have to do is fill out an application form. You will provide certain personal details that will be kept private and you will be contacted by one of our Brainly Administrators shortly. Be prepared to complete a series of tasks such as formulating structured answers and an essay. Make sure to answer truthfully, provide the necessary information, and do not copy answers from other websites.

You will only be accepted into the team once you complete all the assigned tasks and if your parents have explicitly allowed you to join the Brainliest User team.

What are the perks of a Brainliest User?

If you look at the right side of the top of the page, you can see a scoreboard with names of different Brainly users. They are the top Brainliest Users in the Philippines and if you go to their account profiles, you will notice that they have special ranks underneath their usernames.

Ranks are given out to active Brainliest Users who have achieved certain milestones.

  • Brainliest Recruit.Submitted 50 answers
  • Brainliest Trainee.Submitted 200 answers
  • Brainliest Greenhorn.Submitted 500 answers
  • Brainliest Silver. Submitted 1000 answers and are active every month
  • Brainliest Gold. Submitted 3000 answers and are active every month
  • Brainliest Platinum. Submitted 5000 answers and are active every month
  • Brainliest Diamond. Submitted 10000 answers and are active every month

We have other special ranks, too.

  • Brainliest of the Month. The Brainliest User who have submitted the most number of answers
  • Brainliest Friend. The Brainliest User who have invited most friends to become part of the Brainliest team (friends must be active)

Is that all? No!

Our Bainliest Users also enjoy another perk! They get the chance to win exclusive and special Brainly prizes! If they become among the top Brainliest Users every month or have reached certain ranks, they get to enjoy prizes with higher and higher value as they move up the ladder. We make sure that these prizes are things that our users can use in school!

So what are you waiting for? Join the Brainliest Team now!