The Moderation Team

The Moderation Team exists to help Brainly be the friendliest and most wholesome learning website in the Philippines. The members of the team are Brainly Users just like you. The moderators of Brainly Philippines also get to enjoy exclusive Brainly prizes and gifts from us!

You may have already seen some Brainly users who possess an exclusive rank on our website. Just beneath their username, they are marked as Moderators. Some of them even have ranks such as Moderator-in-Training, Junior Moderator, or even Senior Moderator.

Seeing these ranks or hearing about the prizes they receive and the perks they enjoy may have piqued your interest. If you are wondering about what being a moderator means, make sure to read all about it. After you finish reading, you will find out what they do, why they receive prizes and gifts, and how you could become one.

What happens at Brainly?

Did you know that Brainly PH is the only peer learning website in the Philippines? It is the only website where you can freely ask for help with your homework and school lessons. Since it is a peer-to-peer learning platform, you get answers from other Brainly Users who are either students, teachers, and professionals.

The great thing about this is that you get insight from students from other schools or higher grade levels. You can even get comprehensive answers that expound on the topic from teachers and other professionals. Some of them may even answer in Tagalog which will make it easier for most to understand and remember the concepts.

Why did we create a Moderation Team?

Getting thousands upon thousands of questions from students from all over the country is no joke! Not to mention that these questions may also get multiple answers at any given time.

Now, if you are a student, you are expecting to get reliable help. You don’t want to get the wrong answers and end up failing that subject, do you? Well, we don’t want that, too. So what we did is we created a Moderation Team.

What do Brainly Moderators do?

Most websites have moderators. They are the people who make sure that the websites stay spam-free and that users have an enjoyable time. We want that on Brainly PH, too!

Moderators check on questions submitted on Brainly. If these questions are easily understood, homework-related, not duplicated, and do not contain inappropriate words or images, then they will remain on the website to be seen by all users.

Moderators also check on answers submitted by the Brainly users. Answers that are wrong, copied off books and web pages, useless, and contain inappropriate words or images are automatically deleted. This is to ensure that answers posted on Brainly are helpful to the student who is asking.

Moderators may also send requests to users to edit their answers if it needs correction on grammar, formatting, or if it needs some minor changes. Moderators may also issue warnings on abusive and problematic users. This allows site administrators to evaluate if a user will be allowed to stay on Brainly or if their account needs to be deleted. Moderators also see the reports sent by other users on the site.

Brainly moderators also provide very good answers on topics that they are most familiar with. Some of our Brainly moderators are honor students, college students, and teachers.

Who are qualified to become a Brainly Moderator?

Our site administrators may send personal invitations to outstanding Brainly users who have not received warnings or bans on Brainly, but besides that, there are other qualifications.

  • Filipino. A Brainly PH moderator must be Filipino since they will be moderating content posted by Filipino users. With moderators from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, moderators will have an easier time to deal with content from all the local languages and dialects from all over the Philippines.
  • Honest. Moderators are given privileges that ordinary Brainly users do not have access to. This means we want someone who will not abuse that privilege. Moderators are also not allowed to have plagiarized content on their accounts.
  • Humble. Moderators must also be willing to accept correction from other users and other moderators. You must also be willing to learn new things and accept constructive criticism and advice from others.
  • Helpful. Since we are always accepting new members into the team, moderators must be willing to give advice to each other. Some users may also ask moderators for help in their homework from time-to-time. To qualify as a moderator, a user must have at least 5 correct and original answers on their account.
  • Role Models. A user may not always be the smartest person in the room but we do expect them to have the best attitude. All three aforementioned qualities are just some of the things that make up a role model. We expect applicants to be friendly and polite, too!

Are you interested to join the team?

All you need to do is to take the exam. If you pass this exam, your profile will be evaluated by a site administrator. Make sure to answer truthfully, provide the necessary information, and do not copy answers from other websites.

Once you are qualified, you will be contacted by an Administrator to complete several tasks and to verify some things. You will only be accepted into the team once you complete all the assigned tasks and if your parents have explicitly allowed you to join the moderation team.

Most users worry about taking the exam. If you are feeling the same, don’t be! The exam is quite easy and all we need to see is your sense of what is right and wrong, and your sense of reason. It also helps if you read the Brainly Terms of Use and Service before taking the exam.

Before taking the exam, make sure that your internet connection is stable. Do not forget to provide your correct profile link. If we receive the wrong profile link, we will not be able to contact you.

Make sure you provide your Brainly PH username.
Not your given name or email address.

Here are some sample questions from the exam.

Now, wasn’t that easy? Why don’t you give it a try?

What are the perks of a Brainly Moderator?

Our Brainly moderators receive special privileges on the website itself. They get access to tools that will allow them to delete and confirm the content posted by Brainly users.

A moderator receives a badge or rank of Moderator on their account. If a moderator has been active every month and moderates quite a lot, they can be promoted to Senior Moderators.

All of our moderators are eligible to join monthly contests on Brainly and they are also eligible to join exclusive contests made especially for them. We call these contests The Moderator Games or Mod Games. The winners receive exclusive Brainly merchandise like bags, shirts, jackets, and other stuff they can use at school.

The top three moderators each month get a certificate to acknowledge their efforts. These certificates are signed and may be used to present as additional achievements on their curriculum vitae. The top moderator for each quarter also get books and other things as a gift from us. Our Senior Moderators also receive appreciation gifts from Brainly at the end of each year.

Is that all? Of course not! Moderators gain friends from other regions of the country and they learn about different cultures in their interaction with their teammates. We also know that our moderators are able to personally ask for help in their homework from older or more senior moderators.

The moderation team is also the first to know when Brainly decides to have free tutorial classes and other programs that will help them in their studies. Exciting isn’t it?

What are you waiting for? Join now by clicking on the image below!