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 Why does Brainly need Moderators?

Brainly is the world's largest educational network, with over 350 million users. Every day, thousands of people post their questions and answers on Brainly. As a moderator, you can contribute by answering questions and helping the team to check that questions are asked clearly and answers are correct. This ensures that students on Brainly are receiving the best information available and that Brainly is a safe environment for everyone. 

What do Moderators gain from this experience?

Through their collaboration with Brainly's community, moderators can: 

  • gain professional experience in brand ambassadorship, content moderation, and community management
  • take on leadership opportunities and learn about working in a team environment
  • boost their resumes or college applications
  • develop lifelong communication skills
  • join a team of bright, dedicated volunteers and build lasting friendships

What do Moderators do?

We usually have two teams, one that answers and one that verifies the content posted on Brainly. As a moderator you will learn about the two different programs, what they offer, and what you'll have to do as a Brainly volunteer.

Here's What Team Members Think

Brainly has always helped me when I needed it and is also a great opportunity to learn while helping others. Being a moderator has given me an opportunity to meet many brilliant individuals, working together to make Brainly the best choice for learning.

Being a Moderator has enabled me to do what I enjoy most — helping others to learn. Brainly provides a way to work with extremely brilliant minds to provide students with the best possible answers to their questions. It is an exhilarating experience that I strongly recommend.

Brainly has shown me numerous things throughout my time being here. If I could, I would recommend Brainly to everyone that is struggling with their homework! Now, being apart of the Brainly Moderator team, I get to help the staff, too. I'm thankful that I can be there for them and others!

LoveYourselfFirst, Moderator

Become a Brainly Moderator!
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Znk, Profesor Pensionat

Creati, SuperModerator

What is a Brainly moderator?

Our Moderators are Brainiacs who volunteer their time and lend a hand to guide and create Brainly's Q&A content. Depending on the country, each Brainly community follows its own rules and priorities, including how users are expected to behave. Some general things our moderators can do on Brainly:

  • Delete questions, answers and comments from Brainly

  • Ban spammers or other users who may be breaking community rules from posting or commenting on Brainly

  • Propose other users as moderators

  • Interact with other moderators of our large community

Our Moderators don’t have any special powers outside the Brainly community where they moderate and they are not Brainly employees. They’re free to moderate as they choose, as long as they don’t break the rules outlined in the Moderator Guidelines. 

Some Eligibility Requirements

1. You must have created at least 15 answers in the last week. Your answers must consistently contain high-quality explanations to help inquirers better understand your approach. These explanations should be original content, not containing material copied from other sources. Additionally, try to maintain this level of activity consistently while your application is being reviewed! 

2. You should demonstrate a devotion to helping others and a professional and friendly attitude.

Please note that this application is only for users of brainly.com. If you wish to be a moderator on a different Brainly site, please contact an administrator on that site! Users from Brainly's other sites, such as brainly.pl, brainly.ro, and brainly.in, are not eligible to apply. 


I get an error when I click the submit button. What do I need to change?

Don't worry! Send a message to our Community Assistant, Dasetka, and she can help you out. Make sure to include the exact warning you're receiving in your message so that she can understand the issue better.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you want to get to know more about what information about users Brainly uses and how, click here.

 I applied over two weeks ago and haven't received an email back, where's my response?

We try our best to make sure every application is reviewed promptly, but sometimes things go wrong! First, check your spam folder to make sure that our response didn't end up there. If you definitely haven't gotten an email from us, you can message our Community Assistant, Dasetka, for more help! Please wait for a message back before submitting a second application, so that you don't end up with duplicates.