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ShapeShift Support Phone Number +1 (844) 794-0999: Call to Resolve Any Issues

ShapeShift is a cryptocurrency exchange that is Switzerland based. Though ShapeShift has quite a few exclusive features and has one of the largest trading pairs in the market, the user often faces some trouble while trading in ShapeShift. But to resolve the problems there is ShapeShift Support Number for the customers that can be accessed 24/7.

This Swiss-based cryptocurrency exchange did not collect the customer funds into the account until 2018, which was quite unique. But one of the main concerns the users about the security since ShapeShift has already experienced 3 attacks in 2016 that resulted in stealing from their hot wallets 469 BTC, 1900 LTC, and 5800 ETC. To know more about ShapeShift’s security improvement that they started with offline and other features do keep reading the following and also a user can contact the ShapeShift support phone number.

Brief about Shape Shift

In 2013 Erik Voorhees established ShapeShift and in 2015 it was released on iOS platforms in Switzerland but currently it can be retrieved from Android too. Though ShapeShifter is a Swiss company it runs from Denver. In 2015 it allowed trading of 25 digital currencies. However, as of 2016 according to Bitcoin Magazine, it provides 940 trading pairs, which is considered in the market of cryptocurrency to be greater in any one exchange platform.

Features of ShapeShit

ShapeShift is becoming one of used exchange platforms for crypto currencies because it offers certain features that are difficult to find in other exchange like:

Global trading can be done
Can be accessed from iOS, android, web platforms, etc.
Does not keep bank or political currencies in its transactions
No user is necessary to provide personal evidence for creating the account and starting the trading
No personal info protects the user from identity and financial theft.
ShapeShift has the ability to process 31,207 transactions in a day.

In spite of these beneficial features ShapeShift users faces glitches that are mentioned below, however, for which there is ShapeShift phone number.

Issues Users Face With ShapeShift

ShapeShift is one of the crypto currency exchange platforms on which there is a stable increase in the users because of it is tranquil to access features and the above-mentioned features. Despite that ShapeShift is also receiving a steady line of complaints like the following:

  • There is a considerable delay in the lost fund refunds.
  • Despite the user receiving a refund issue, they do not reflect on the user’s card or account.
  • Refunds are often put on hold
  • Refunds are done on a partial basis as an alternative of full refund without giving any reason to the user
  • Users often face login and sign in issues
  • Issues are faced by users on resetting the password for the account
  • Often users have to wait for a considerable time to get support from customer care.

But with more societies signing up for ShapeShift, the cryptocurrency exchange platform there are now dedicated teams with ShapeShift support number. So when if a user has any of the above issues do contact Shapeshift customer support number +1 (844) 794-0999 to resolve them immediately, anytime and anywhere.

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